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Okay. My post sounded incredibly...angry.

I don't want to start arguments or anything. I always said I'd be that cool fan that would release pictures of the band if I had them. Of course, that was said before I found out how cutthroat this fandom can be about pictures. I made a pact with my friends (who ate with the band, too) that we'd all agree before posting full-sizes, since we got a lot of...gruff...for wanting to spend money to eat with our favorite (and most awesomest) band. It was money well spent, in every sense of the word. All of it went to help Allen (RIP) and his family, as well as fund research to find a cure for brain cancer. And I got to eat with Avenged Fucking Sevenfold. How is that not win-win?

So, in essence, it's most likely full-sizes will never be released. But I feel it's only right to at least post...SOMETHING. I know how badly I'd want to see these pictures, too. Believe me. But damn if a big part of me doesn't want to be selfish... :}

Anyways, here's a few that are mine to post:

*Also, as requested by Matt, there will be no full-sizes of him posted. I might post some smaller pictures of him wearing his cap, but nothing else. He's doing something epic with his hair and wants to keep it secret. I love Matt, so I'm going to uphold my promise.

I like a fine wine.
Posted on 2009.06.05 at 09:30
Current Mood: tiredtired
I'm so tired. I stayed up until 3am, then got up at 7am to feed my pooch and now I can't go back to sleep! Argh!

I guess I'll work on my Liev Schreiber movie collection today. I'm off to Hastings to find RKO 281 or The Ten or maybe even Jakob the Liar. Someday...someday I'll have all his works! Mwhahahaha.

(Obsession much?)

I like a fine wine.

Well, hell in a hand basket.

Posted on 2008.05.19 at 01:19
Current Music: Avenged Sevenfold - And All Things Will End

Three-year long absence. Ho.Ley. Shit.

A lot has changed, but a lot has stayed the same. Don't think I'll ever really post on here.

Mad love to A7X, and Brian Haner Jr. in specific.

Mm, prime rib.

Purple giraffes and green elephants..

Posted on 2005.04.09 at 14:26
Current Mood: relaxedrelaxed
Current Music: Queen - Don't Stop Me Now
Whoo. Been a long time since I posted.. guess I'll add another one in for kicks. Since I've never done one of these survey things, I'll do one now.

-clothes: Hard Rock New Orleans tee and FOV21 jeans.
-music: Queen.
-makeup: None on at the moment.. Usually Maybelline.
-hair: Blonde and ugly, as usual.
-thing you should be doing: Getting ready for a party..
-food: Just ate Subway. :O
-book: The Dubliners.
-movie: Uhh.. I watched Ace Ventura last night. >.o
-artist: Um.. me? Just kidding.. I don't have one.
-desktop wallpaper: A tree with a sign that reads, "Tranquility."
-favorite band: Ambulance LTD.
-thought: Was that guy just naked?

-ever been kissed?: Mmhm.
-ever been to a concert?: Yes and about to go to another soon! Weehoo!
-ever met a celebrity?: Quite a few, actually.
-ever done drugs?: Yes, sadly.
-ever been drunk?: Once.
-ever steal?: We call it the "five-finger-discount". >.>
-ever been arrested?: Nope. I'm clean.

-you talked to: My mom.
-you kissed: Tyler.
-you hugged: Tyler! :O!
-you told a lie to: My mom.. hehe.
-you txt messaged: Shane.
-you called: Cameron.
-you hit: Wtf kind of question is that?
-who made you cry: Enrique Iglesias and his damn music video..

-movie: Shit, that's a hard one. Not sure.
-music artist: Damien Rice.
-T.V. show: The Invisible Man! Which was cancelled..
-Cartoon: Pirates of Dark Water. Or at least.. I think that's what it's called.
-car: Damnit. Too many nice cars! I really like the 2002 BMW Z3 Coupe.. I'm looking at buying one.
-animal: Red fox.
-book: From third grade.. The Boxcar Children, Vol. 1.
-song: Hm.. Delicate.
-food: Spaghetti.
-videogame: Super Mario for SNES.

-drink regularly?: Not at all.
-do drugs?: Only once, and that was enough, thank you.
-have a talent?: Drawing, I s'pose.
-have a phobia?: Yes, aichmophobia. Or the fear of needles.
-break dance?: Wtf!? Where'd that question come from?
-have a tattoo?: No, but I'd get a celtic cross on my wrist.. if I was brave enough.
-have a paying job?: Yes. I work at a veterinary clinic.
-have a car? what kind?: Um, I have a 2004 Dodge SRT-4. But I'm about to get a BMW or Mazda..
-like this survey?: Eh, I've seen better.

I like a fine wine.

Snakes, Cats, Shots, and a bunch of green.

Posted on 2005.03.21 at 16:29
Current Mood: pleasedAaahhh..
Current Music: MTV TRL
Bwhahaha. I got the job, bitches! After a month and half of looking and not actually.. applying.. I GOT A JOB. This has to be the best job I've had in a while. I mean, the zoo was awesome and all.. but I never really got close to the animals, except when I'd clean them. Which was rare. Now I'm a vet assistant/clerical worker/a baby-sitter. I'm excited like whoa. I had job training today and got to walk around the gigantic clinic. I was told about all I'd be doing.. such as cleaning and feeding the "patients", administering shots, playing with them if the owners requested (and paid for) playtime. Also, if there aren't enough workers in, I'll work at the receptionist desk and do paperwork and whatnot. Well, not really paperwork because this clinic is a paperless "operation". That gained them so brownie points. So I'll be earning $9.45 an hour and pulling between 15-20 hours a week. That's over a hundred dollars a week. I've never had a job so good. Maybe with the money I earn I can afford a new computer since mine is slowly turning to shit. I'd buy one with the money I've saved up thus far, but it's for my trip to Ireland this summer. :D!! Aaah, what a good day.

I like a fine wine.

Easter in HELL.

Posted on 2005.03.17 at 21:58
Current Mood: pissed offpissed off
Current Music: Billy Idol - Rebel Yell
Let me tell you about my horrific day at the mall...

Actually, since it's too terrifying to recall all the details, I'll just summarize.

1. Went to the mall at 5:00 with my niece and mother.

2. Bought Easter dress after MANY trips to the dressing room.

3. But, Easter dress wasn't enough, princess bitch wanted a matching bow, shoes, sweater, necklace, and purse. $213.49 wasted. She didn't get a purse.

4. Hungry, had to eat. Mom bought pizza which she didn't want after my mom had ordered it. More money wasted.

5. Had to ride the carousel. Three times.

6. Still hungry, so mom bought cookies. I had to listen to her rudely smack while she ate her cookie, regardless of my telling her to close her mouth... (I was so embarrassed... glad she isn't my kid.)

7. Her mom wasn't at home for her to try on her dress. Tantrum ensued. 35 minutes of my life wasted.

I despise this child. I hate to say it. I love kids, too. I can't wait to have kids of my own. They will never be like this.. NEVER.

I like a fine wine.
Posted on 2005.03.13 at 20:53
Current Music: The Faint - Agenda Suicide
I've died. Whoo hoo! Not really.. just been very busy. That's a lie. Just.. er.. -points and runs away-

I like a fine wine.
Posted on 2005.03.04 at 20:44
Current Mood: blah
Since it's March, I felt like having a green-ish layout.

I hope to have an Irish layout for St. Patty's Day.

Peace be with you.

I like a fine wine.
Posted on 2005.03.01 at 22:12
Current Mood: stressedstressed
Current Music: The Servant - Orchestra
Oh, Jesus, I'm so fuckin' tired...

And, wtf?! I have to write an essay in class tomorrow?! An argument essay?! Noooooo! No more, please!

-weep weep-

I like a fine wine.
Posted on 2005.02.28 at 08:19
Current Music: Cocteau Twins - Cherry Colored Funk
So, my weekend was interesting. Friday I got super-cramps and left work early. Gross. But after four Aleve, that quickly changed. Of course, by the time the pain subsided.. it was too late.. to go back to work... <.<

Anyways, I picked up my friend around 5:00 and we went to the Movie Trading Company. Thousands of movies and nothing I wanted... stupid bitches. After that we went back to her (my friend) house where her unbelievably hot brother was sitting on the couch in all his glory. I had my camera phone with me... and yet I couldn't bring myself to take a picture. Probably because 1.) It would be awkward and 2.) It makes a fucking "snap" sound, which would be totally obvious. Oh well, maybe one day...

After about an hour we drove to Sonic and ate burgers and spilled fries, got harassed by this dude named Jeff, and witnessed a wreck. But the night was still young! We had one more stop to make... the movie theater! To see the worst movie ever! That's right! It was.. Cursed. Yuck and funny. Actually, really funny... Mm, Joshua Jackson.. Alas, I go off on a tangent..

Then nothing really happened on Saturday...

Oo! But on Sunday I had a friend (he wasn't a friend, but he is now) gave me tickets to EdgeFest 14 and I was like.. "Wtf." At first I was going to be nice and turn 'em down. They could be fake.. and all.. But then I found out that Billy Idol was performing. Wtf. Hell yes, I'm going now. Freakin' love Billy Idol.. So I hope they're not fake.. hope hope hope

So that was the weekend.. and today is kind of an extension. 'Cause I'm calling in "sick" and I'm missing classes.. hehe.. Ah, fuck it. I need more sleep!

p.s. I need to change my layout...

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